We are a Junk Removal company in Alhambra, CA. We offer and are the premiere junk removal specialist serving all of the Alhambra, area. We are located in Alhambra, CA and we are a hauling company with years of junk removal and experience.  Along with our junk removal, and hauling services, we offer pick up and delivery service for dumpster rental units.

We offer professional and prompt services to residential & commercial customers in the Alhambra, CA and surrounding Los Angeles area’s. Home-owners, property managers, realtors, banks, estate & tag sale companies, contractors, municipalities, and others have used our Junk Removal services to rid themselves of various unwanted items.


  1. Garage & Basement  Clean-outs

  2. Scrap Metals

  3. Remodeling Debris

  4. Post Garage Sale Items

  5. Old Furniture

  6. Household Items

  7. Unwanted Appliances

  8. Clothing

  9. Carpeting/Padding

  10. Rental Clean-outs

  11. Landscaping & All  Green Waste

  12. Storage Unit Clean-outs

  13. Post-Auction Clean up

  14. Warehouse Clean outs

  15. Junk Car Removal

  16. Estate Sale Clean-Outs

  17. Shed/Garage Tear Downs  

Best Prices – Fast Service – Professional

Our Junk Removal specialist have been delivering superior service and the best prices. Let us get rid of your excess junk, construction debris or any kind of trash that needs hauling away. Complicated job? No problem. We'll do what it takes.

Green Hauling Saves You Money

As we load your junk materials, we'll sort out the recyclable materials, and divert them from the landfill.The landfill operator dump fee will be reduced accordingly. We are a Certified Deconstruction Contractor. We separate recyclable spoils from those that cannot be recycled. Based upon years of experience in the San Fernando Valley Area, and Alhambra we know how to work efficiently and cost effectively with the local recycling centers.

Inside and Outside Junk Removal

Our crews can work inside or outside. When removing junk from inside your home or place of business, we'll take extra care not to damage walls or floors. We provide fast, friendly service.

Bobcat Service Speeds the Work and Saves Money

Our Bobcats, trucks and other equipment is right-sized for small and medium-sized Junk Removal and hauling jobs. More efficient and faster than big equipment or manual labor, our crews and their optimized equipment will make short work of your job. Our Bobcats have rubber tracks to prevent damage.

Construction Cleanup

Contact us early in your construction project and let us manage your construction waste stream, ensuring compliance with all local ordinances. We'll help you maximize the percentage of construction waste that gets recycled, rather than going to the landfill. This service is available to both contractors and owner-builders. Timely removal of construction debris helps avoid safety hazards and keeps the inspectors happy. We provide the paperwork needed to submit to your local government jurisdiction.

Asphalt, Concrete Junk Removal and Removal

We've got the equipment to dig it up and haul it off! Driveway removal, parking lots, and sidewalk removal – we're the experts in the Alhambra area!

Dirt and Debris Hauling

Whether it is ten yards or 2000 yards of material, call today so we can look at you project. Most dirt is reused instead of being dumped at the landfill.

Our track loaders are capable of grading for a new patio, a new crawl space, a new driveway or any other project you may have. All grading is done to your job specific elevations and checked with a laser level.

Residential and Commercial Junk Removal Hauling

When it comes to Junk Removal in the Alhambra area, we are the expert’s. We have the experienced crews and the right-sized equipment to efficiently remove an entire house full of junk or a portion of a house while keeping the impact on the surrounding landscape to a minimum.

(626) 310-4037

(626) 310-4037



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